Sunday, September 9, 2007

Ramu will bounce back like Sachin Tendulkar

RGV ki aag bhuj gayee!
RGV seems to be in confession mood. You can see him giving interviews to everyone and anyone being candid about the film he remade. It takes guts to confess and accept mistakes. And it is indeed a revealation to discover the another side of Ram Gopal Varma.
There's no denying that one section of so called 'film critics' are always on their toes to destroy his reputation and malign him. But in the case of RGV ki AAG, it wasnt's just this section which completely torn apart the movie. It was a spontaneous shock from not just critics and but even Ramu's ardent fans. How can Ramu do this? It was just a shock! Nobody would have taken it so seriously if Sholay remake was attempted by a any C grade director. But Ramu has established himself with his hard work. And he did make a name by making successful and different movies like Rangeela and Satya.
When so many people admire your works and follow your steps, you need to be cautious. And RGV ki AAg wasn't a careless step from Ramu. But Ramu is too strong a filmmaker to get distrubed by these critics or the failure of movies(Infact I don't remember his last hit film). I feel Ramu is like Sachin Tendulkar. People always expect him to score a century or else they'll crucify him.
And criticism always made Sachin more adamant and determined. He always answered them with his bat. I'm sure the best answer Ramu can give to his critics by some path breaking movies. That's the only way to shutup the mouth of critics

Friday, September 7, 2007

Kareena-Shahid split? Shall we care?

We are made to believe that Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapur are very much together. Earlier we were made to believe that Bipasha Basu and John Abraham are still together. I can't digest these little games the stars play.
My sources say that Kareena Kapoor herself called the reporter and planted the story of breakup! And it is believed that she herself divulged her proximity to Chote Nawab, Saif Ali Khan, being the reason for the breakup! And once Shahid returned home, they are together at media events, promotions etc etc.
It does good for our obsession with stars! We are too much obsessed with these stars' private life and neglect the basic platform, which is CINEMA. I can hear crores of people yelling out that they're big movie buffs. But the truth is that they are crazy about these stars and their private lives. They are only star-struck people. Their craze is not driven by the art of film making. May be very little percentage of them are really crazy about the art of movie making.
That is the one reason we, inspite of churning out record number of movies every year, are still lagging behind by miles in terms of standard of film making.
Hope, someday this craze for the stars will help Indian movies get a better standard of cinema

Monday, August 27, 2007

Sajid Khan is a self-made comedian

Sajid Khan gets nostalgic recalling his first brush with showbiz. It was New Years' eve 1986, and he got his first ‘salary' for his first job - Rs 100 for hosting a show. Not knowing what to do with the princely amount, the struggling comedian promptly put it in the bank. Today, Sajid has Rs 40 crore riding on his directorial debut, Heyy Babyy, which opened this week. And he is confident enough to tell you that he plans an even bigger summer blockbuster next. Sajid strikes a contrasting persona on and off the screen. In public life and on screen, he wears the weirdest of wigs and spoofs everyone from Amitabh Bachchan to Mallika Sherawat. In his personal space, he comes across as a very serious man. "I am a recluse. I fail to understand why anybody would want to know about my life," he says. "I came in this business to entertain people and make money, not to hog publicity." Indeed, it was the need to earn a living that made him turn his hobby into his profession. "I would joke and mimic, and friends would applaud. By the time I was 15, I needed to earn a living. So I made a career out of it," says Sajid.
‘Career', of course, started about 12 years ago on the tube. Satellite television was just making its way into India, and, armed with an abrasive sense of humour, Sajid would go on to make hay by destroying reputations with a wry smile, tongue firmly in cheek. His first show, Main Bhi Detective, however, was a flop. "Disaster would be an understatement," he recalls. "Critics said that I should be banned," he grins. His luck would change with Ikke Pe Ikka, the music countdown show that first aired on Zee Cinema in 1995, and has made it to the Guinness Book Of Records as the longest running countdown show ever. Inspired by Eddie Murphy Sajid , defines his style of humour as "sharp tongue and below the belt, at times". He also draws from Murphy's manner of interaction and spontaneity .
Produced by his namesake, Sajid Nadiadwala, Sajid has followed his passion for ‘firsts' with his directorial debut."It's the first ‘baby comedy' of India. My entire cast comprises people who have never worked with each other. Even Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy have never composed music for any of these actors," he says, of the Akshay Kumar-Fardeen Khan-Riteish Deshmukh-Vidya Balan starrer. Sajid calls Heyy Babyy a "dream debut". It's his homage to his lifelong passion - movies. "I broke off with many girlfriends because of disagreements over films." And he shares this passion with elder sister Farah Khan, the successful choreographer-turned- filmmaker. "We have the same DNA after all," he says, adding that Farah is the reason behind the man he is today .
Ask him about marriage, and he is intricate in his reply: "I am 36 and single. I've lacked a lot as a boyfriend. I am a self-indulgent human being. I wish to settle down, but if I only get someone who understands me, or else I won't."

Pink Panther was offered to Aishwarya Rai only!

Refuting rumours about other Bollywood actors being offered a role in Pink Panther 2, its casting director Ilene Starger said they only considered Aishwarya Rai.
"Most emphatically, we did not offer the role to anyone other than Aishwarya! Aishwarya was, when I first read the script, the actress I envisioned for the role," Starger told IANS from Los Angeles in an e-mail interview.
Aishwarya shot for a day with Steve Martin and Andy Garcia in Paris Aug 20 for the film by Harold Zwart.
"Her intelligence, grace, beauty and sophistication are just what the role requires. And, of course, she has a touch of mystery too. She fits in wonderfully with our fantastic ensemble cast, and all of us involved with the film are thrilled to work with her."
Rumours had it that Celina Jaitley was offered the role first but rejected it. Also, Hrithik Roshan was asked to play detective Clouseau's assistant Vincent in part two of the comedy, but he too turned it down.
However, Aishwarya's international manager Simone Sheffield dismisses the reports.
Sheffield said: "Negotiations went on for a month to secure Aishwarya and her dates. The script is absolutely wonderful and the wardrobe is great.
"The film's costume designer Joe Aulisi has chosen some really hot items from Dolce & Gabbana. If any one of the actresses mentioned had really been offered this A-level role in such a big-budget international film, they would have jumped to join it and not have passed on the opportunity as they state, believe me.
"What I love about Aishwarya is that she just calmly continues along the path she has chosen, does her work, lives her life and never has a bad word to say about anyone."
Sheffield also has a lot to say about the actresses' absence at the unveiling of her statue at Times Square and for the promotion of her latest international film The Last Legion.
"I see this trend happening more and more in the media with events falsely confirming Aishwarya's attendance to boost sales and media attention. For one, Aishwarya was never confirmed to appear at the unveiling in New York City, nor did we confirm she was appearing on the late night talk show and a morning news programme during her brief visit to Los Angeles.
"She did, however, confirm she was appearing at India Splendor celebrating the 60th anniversary of India's Independence. When Aishwarya confirms an appearance, it is confirmed and she will without fail attend and always has.
"As for the promotions for The Last Legion, it is up to the producers and distributors of the film to make such arrangements and in this case numerous phone interviews with the international media took place over the past two months. There was nothing else requested of Aishwarya prior to the film's US release."

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Vijaya Raghavendra to marry Spandana

The wedding date of actor Vijaya Raghavendra and Spandana is fixed for 26th of August in Bangalore at Gayathri Vihar, Palace Grounds.
Actor Vijaya Raghavendra the national award winning child actor turned hero from 'Ninagaagi' has got a moderate success rate in his career. He is very closely related to Dr.Rajkumar family. Spandana is the daughter of B.K.Shivaram, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Karnataka.
Dr.Kadri Gopalnath saxophone and Pundit Narasimha Vadavati clarionet Jugalbandi musical program is arranged for the wedding reception.

Warner brothers to make Bollywood movie

Hollywood-based studio Warner Brothers is making its first foray into Bollywood with a movie called Made In China. Starring Akshay Kumar and Deepika Padukone, it is the first Hindi film to be shot in China. Akshay plays a Mumbai cook who is mistaken for a kung-fu hero and the shooting will start in January, Warner Bros said in a press statement on August 21.
According to trade magazine Variety, the film marks the start of a concerted effort by Hollywood studios to break into the Indian film market, where their films account for only eight percent of the total market.
While Nikhil Advani, of Kal Ho Naa Ho fame, will wield the megaphone, Warner Bros will distribute it worldwide. Ramesh Sippy Productions and Advani's Orion Pictures are the co-producers.Ramesh Sippy told Variety that the venture had brought the "globalisation of Indian cinema closer to reality".

Blaise Fernandes, manager of Warner Brothers Entertainment India, said they are "excited and proud" about the project. "We will do everything in our power to make a well-crafted, popular and successful Indian film," added Fernandes.

Deepa Mehta's new film

Deepa Mehta will be making a film on domestic violence titled Heaven on Earth. The film will be based on the true story of a Toronto residing Punjabi woman, Amardeep, who is a victim of domestic violence. Deepa had filmed a documentary on Amardeep’s life last year and now she is planning to make a feature film on the same.
If things go as planned, Deepa would also shoot the film in Ludhiana, Punjab. The last time when Deepa was shooting in India for Water, some fundamentalist groups disrupted the shoot due to which she had to re-shoot the film in Sri Lanka.
Talking about the starcast of Heaven On Earth, Deepa says that she has finalized an NRI theatre actor Vrajendar to play the husband’s role. As for the role of Amardeep, Deepa will be signing a Punjabi actress.
The film will go on the floors on October 20 in Toronto.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Amitabh does dare devil stunts at 65!

In Ravi Chopra’s Bhootnath, Big B defied his age (65 years) and performed a ‘heart-in-the-mouth’ stunt that would have scared the hell out of actors half his age. When reminded of it, he brushes off the derring-do as part of a day's work.
"I think far too much is being made out of the stunt. Yes, every action- stunt has its potential dangers and the action directors take adequate precautions and follow safety routines. You could slip and fall while walking ordinarily and break a bone and conversely, not get a scratch by jumping off a building for a film’s action sequence. The stunt I did for Bhootnath was relatively safe. But because of my recent surgery and my several other complicated medical conditions, there was an obvious anxiety. However things went off without any incident. Thank God!"
While performing a stunt in 1983 Big B had suffered a near-fatal injury. "I still remember all the prayers and good wishes of the people. I wouldn't have survived without them." He adds.
Having done this stunt at 65, Big B admits that he wouldn't allow his son to do the same. "I would not permit Abhishek to do his own stunts. I always ask him to use discretion and take immense precaution."

Akshay Kumar cooks!

Amitabh Bachchan's portrayal as a chef has actors scurrying into the kitchen. And the next actor scurrying into the kitchen is Akshay Kumar. In Nikhil Advani's new film Made in China he plays a chef.
But most people don't know Akshay used to work in a restaurant in Bangkok. Only he was not Akshay Kumar then he was Rajeev Bhatia. Guess the wheel has turned a full circle for Akshay Kumar.

Suniel Shetty says Shah Rukh Khan is the better hockey ambassador

Suniel Shetty is confused about being appointed the brand ambassador for hockey, particularly after watching Chak De! India where Shah Rukh Khan plays the coach of a women's hockey team to great effect.
"I seriously want them to reconsider my appointment. I mean, there I was being appointed brand ambassador for the game while Shah Rukh Khan is bringing hockey back into favour like nobody's business," Suniel told IANS.
"It was an awesome experience to be given the responsibility to revive the game. I may be a right choice. But after seeing Chak De!, I think Shah Rukh is a much better choice for representing hockey for the country," he added.
Suniel is truly impressed by Shah Rukh's performance.
"I saw the film twice and I'm completely bowled over by Shah Rukh's performance. He could play anything. But he chooses to play this serious troubled hockey coach. I think Shah Rukh has his stardom for a good 50 years more. Chak De! proves it."
Meanwhile, Suniel is happy for Sanjay Dutt, who has been granted interim bail by the Supreme Court in the Mumbai blasts case.
"It's really heartening to hear Sanju is being released on interim bail. What do I say? It's an answer to all the prayers that people have sent for him. It's the janta's goodwill that has kept him going.
"It's Sanju who has brought the concept of Gandhigiri to people. And I believe he truly believes in peace. Sanju is totally converted."